IT Support

Initially after a site survey, we can assess the equipment you would need supported. From there, we can provide a tailored package depending on your needs.

Ruby Package

Remote Support Only– remotely, our experienced team, can log into your machine and try and resolve the problems without coming to site. This allows us to fix more problems faster and have you back up and running sooner!

Sapphire Package

Simply remote & Office 365 – as ruby package but we would support office 365 and any specific email issues/set up

Gold Package

As sapphire with the added benefit of providing anti virus and email security with advanced spam filter.

Diamond Package

As Gold but with free onsite support. If we can’t resolve remotely, we will provide free onsite support

All above packages will be bespoke and we can create service agreements depending on your hours of business (we offer out of hours service)

We’d love to talk to you about your requirements

Get in touch now on 01355 458081 or via our contact form, we’re here to help

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